Digital Possession Cover Art!

I’ve been given the okay to post the cover art for my contemporary erotic novella, Digital Possession! Ain’t it awesome! I’ve also attached a blurb on the book. Yea! 🙂

Cassie Tucker has worked her way up at the same software design firm’s south regional office since she graduated college. She enjoys the respect and responsibility that comes with her leadership role within the company but is unable to hide her giddiness at being assigned to work with the hottest guy at the firm. Unfortunately, he works at the west coast office, so all their communication must be done through electronic means.

Ian Cope has wanted to work with Cassie Tucker for two years, so when the opportunity presents itself, he is thrilled. Only he should have been careful with what he wished for. His boss informs Ian that his real objective is to learn the inner workings of Cassie’s office and to prepare a plan justifying the closure of the south regional office. 

Cassie doesn’t want to start a relationship because of the distance between them, and Ian doesn’t want to start a relationship because he knows he’s using her on this assignment. But their attraction will not be denied. What happens next is a digital experience neither had known before, and both cannot get enough of.

Until the truth comes out.