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I’m participating in the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop! Since my latest release is a paranormal romance—book 3 in the Woods Family Series, SURROUNDED BY TEMPTATION, I’ll be giving away a copy of it to one person who posts a comment to this blog. But no fear, my publisher has graciously offered book one in the series, SURROUNDED BY WOODS, for FREE for the next couple of weeks on Amazon!!! Everybody go grab your free copy while you can! http://www.amazon.com/Surrounded-Woods-Family-Book-ebook/dp/B005F6E7Z8/ref=pd_sim_kstore_1

Now on to the fun! Since it’s time for Halloween—and yes, me eating candy corn for dinner last night is proof enough—I’d like to know what was your favorite costume growing up? I have pictures of me being an angel (that wins for being the most creative since I was nothing of the sort), witches, ghosts, etc., but when I was a pre-teen, I got to dress up as a “punk rocker.” I put pink spray in my hair, loaded up the heavy makeup, dressed in a 1980’s Madonna fashion, and had a blast! It was an excuse to tease the hair and don the eyeliner at a young age, but I went with it.

I don’t recall ever dressing up as a vampire or a werewolf (though, I remember others doing so). It makes me wonder why I love the paranormal so much. There’s no doubt about it. I love reading and writing about things that go bump in the night… as long as some of those “bumps” are the result of bedposts hitting the wall. ;-). Gotta love the sex! That’s why my paranormal series is about shifters whose primary characteristic is about their need to mate. It’s about a family of mountain lion shifters whose feral need to mate with any available woman is deadly. Their human side respects mating bonds already in place, but their animal side sees any untaken woman as a right to claim. If they force a mating, the female will attack; the male will rise to the challenge… and they’ll fight to the death. Because of this, the Woods family stays locked on their family land, unable to leave in fear of their carnal desire.

After I grew up and got married, I continued with the Halloween dress up, albeit a little kinkier at times. I’d come to bed wearing bunny ears, a necktie, and a cottontail… or devil horns and a tail sticking out of a thong. LOL, yeah, I love Halloween. It’s a time we get to be a kid all over again. And yes, I’ve dressed up in a 1980’s fashion as an adult for a Halloween party. So let’s have it. Tell me about your favorite costume. It can be unique or just homage to your younger years.

One person will win an electronic copy of SURROUNDED BY TEMPTATION (winner to be decided after the blog hop ends):

When Krista needs Ariel’s biochemical expertise because her new boyfriend can turn into a mountain lion, Ariel thinks her sister has lost her mind. But the possibility of a major discovery like this is too much of a temptation to ignore. Create a drug to stop a shifter from forcing a mating? Only if she got to test his sexual limits herself.

Rob thinks Ariel is an angel in disguise, and he immediately knows she’s the one for him. But is he strong enough to resist his animal’s need to claim her once the temptation begins?

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  1. I loved my witch costume as a little girl. It was a chance to be something outside the norm.

    AmethystDaydreams at zoho dot com

  2. I’ll never forget the year my mom dressed me up as a cat. Black leotard, black tights and ears. I looked ridiculous. Remind me to show you the picture! 🙂 Happy hopping!

  3. I loved when I was dressed up as Cinderella when I was younger, then I was a ballerina another favorite.


  4. I loved the year I dressed up as a southern belle.
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  5. My absolute favorite costume I ever had was my Jasmine from Aladdin costume that my mom made by herself. It was perfect and I still have it packed away in my garage. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I only dressed up in college as a ghost and a ninja.
    bituin76 at hotmail dot com

  7. My favorite as a kid was when I went as a Care Bear.

    Jyl22075 at gmail dot com

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