What the heck is a Street Team? Total Awesomeness!

So I’ve recently discovered that with all the changes going on in my writing career, it is hard for me keeping up with promo. A lot of people don’t realize that publishing is a job, and promotion is like an author’s evil step child. Do we like it? Sure. I LOVE connecting with readers. But it is a bitch to search out bloggers, reviewers, book guest posts, interviews, keep up with those dates, research advertizing, ad nauseam. All of which takes away from our writing time. Enter my new assistant, Carla with Book Monster Promotions. This chick has been a godsend! In the midst of gathering my stuff and talking about goals, she brought up a “Street Team.” Have I heard of this before? Yes. Did I know what it was? Ummmm….No.

The concept behind this is that an author has a group of followers who help promote their books. Well, I thought, isn’t that what my fans do anyway? What about my family and friends? I mean, they all follow me on Facebook, right? The answer is really both a Yes and a No. Everybody has lives, and not all of my fans, friends, or family want to spend time spreading the word about my books—they just want to read. And if they do want to, sometimes they don’t know what they can do to help.

This is where a Street Team comes in. It is a closed group of people who’ll be tasked with assignments, possibly each week, or when a new release comes out (I’m kinda learning this as I go). But it is a way to guide those who do want to actively do things to promote my work or me as an author. I’m sure I’ll probably do special things from time-to-time for those who participate (i.e. they might know about a new release ahead of time or have special contests or free reads first… Still learning all about this myself 😉 ), but if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, here’s the Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/430523227019475/

Now Carla wants me to be sure y’all understand that if you join, you’ll be expected to participate. If you can, I’d love for you come on over. If don’t have time, then that’s totally cool. I still love you. 🙂