Merging my Focus

I haven’t been around much the last couple of months because big things have been happening. 1. I closed on my new house and have been in the process of moving. I’m sure you all know how daunting that is. I’m still unpacking, but at least I can function now. 2. I had minor surgery and being hopped up on painkillers does not an intelligible Mandy make. 3. When not unpacking or drooling from medication, I’ve been finishing my latest book. 4. I’ve been doing a lot of promotion under my other pen name, M.W. Muse.

Other pen name? Whaaaaaat? I know, I know. I haven’t done any official cross promotion between the two names, and unless you follow closely on Facebook, you might not know about this. Don’t worry, that’s coming to an end. I created M.W. Muse as an outlet to release a series that starts out as mature Y/A through New Adult, which I’d started several years ago–the Goddess Series. Mainly because all my other books have characters who are of legal age and engage in lots of hanky-panky. I didn’t want readers who loved my erotic romances to be disappointed with this younger series, nor did I want to alienate potential readers who’d love to read it but wouldn’t on the assumption it would be erotic. However, when I released the Goddess Series, I was not prepared for how quickly it’d take off. Seriously, as in over 100k downloads and calls about the film and television rights to it. I made more money in one month from this series than I did all last year from all my erotic books. I’ve been published for years, but nothing can prepare you for something like that.

This brings me to item number 5. In an effort to make my website more about me and the various sub genres I write in (rather than it being heavily focused on paranormal erotic romance), I have redesigned it. I write in many romance categories and will continue to do so. Sure, there may be times I focus on one more than another, but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be the case. My hope is that having the site focus more on the author and less on any particular genre will keep it from alienating a particular reading group. The site may change some before I settle on a theme I’m happy with, but the new site is now live.

cropped-mhheader.jpgGoddessLegacyI’ve also separated the books out by genre on their own pages (rather than by genre on one bookshelf) and have included a link to my other pen name, M.W. Muse, on the New Adult page.  That book I mentioned earlier that I’ve been working on this summer? It’s also New Adult (college age). My agent will be shopping it this fall, so I’ll have more information on it later. As of right now, I’ll be releasing it under Mandy Harbin.

If you want to read my M.W. Muse work, book one, GODDESS LEGACY, is free everywhere for a limited time.

Surrounded by Woods 200 x 300Also, I talked with my Woods Family publisher, and they’ve agreed to make book one in that series, SURROUNDED BY WOODS, free! It’s already free on B&N. Amazon has dropped the price of it to $0.99, so hopefully it’ll be free on that site shortly.




  1. i was intending on buying the kindle version of the woods family series, then I noticed that the kindle version say it is only 75 pages long. I checked the paperback version it has 244 pages. why is the kindle version so short? I am really interested in buying all the books in kindle version, but not if they are very short. I don’t have enough money to buy them in paperback. Is the kindle version going to update so its as long as the paperbacks?

    • Hi Esther, my publisher made the decision to combine two ebooks into one print edition, so the 4 ebooks in the series are available in 2 print books. Woods Family Series Book One in the print edition contains Surrounded by Woods (No. 1 in the series) and Surrounded by Pleasure (No. 2 in series). Woods Family Series Book Two in the print edition contains Surrounded by Temptation (No. 3) and Surrounded by Secrets (No. 4). The prequel, Surrounded by Death, was self-published by me as a bonus story on the deceased brother, so it’s not available in either of the print books. I hope this helps clear up the confusion. 🙂

      • It helped a lot. I’m getting them just wanted to know if amazon made a mistake. Can’t afford the paperback. Your a great writer I have a couple of your other books. Thank you

      • It helped a lot. I’m getting them just wanted to know if amazon made a mistake. Can’t afford them but I’ll try to find a way. Your a great writer I have a couple of your other books. Thank you

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