The Balls Are Back in Town…


Yep, book two in the Blue Balls series, Blue Balls and Long Distance Calls, released EARLY! It is now available almost everywhere (we still have a couple of places to upload). You can get it from Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and iBooks.

Why have I released it now? Simple really…because it’s ready and waiting. It was scheduled to release it in June, but I have another major project I’m involved in that month, which I’ll be heavily focused on. Then I decided to move it up to May…but discovered that’s the week I’m going to be at RT. Since I’m busy promoing the Goddess Series Bundle Special (under my other pen name) now through the middle of May (while I’m at RT), that was too many irons in my May fire (not to mention my writing deadlines).

MandyHarbin_BlueBallsAndPush-UpBras_800pxThe books in this series are standalone, so if you haven’t read book one, you won’t be lost. But good news, I’m in the process of making book one, Blue Balls and Push-Up Bras, FREE everywhere to promote this new series. The price has already changed on Kobo and B&N. I’m still waiting on Amazon, though. But please note… just because book 2 moved up the release schedule doesn’t mean any of the other books planned will do the same. I’m still looking at a September release for book 3 and 2015 for books 4 and above. I am currently working on three books. YES, writing THREE new books at the same time. One is the second book in the Love Against Odds series, another is a major spinoff for my M.W. Muse Goddess Series (readers have been salivating for it, so it’s priority). Another is a secret project I haven’t announced yet. I anticipate picking up with the third Blue Balls this summer. I have another two projects on my calendar for this fall…and that doesn’t include my contractual obligations. So as you can see, I’m crazy busy… so ENJOY the early release of Blue Balls and Long Distance Calls…this doesn’t happen often. 😛


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